“Sustainable applications for Agro and Industry”

The concept

Bios Hydrogel detains the patent of an innovative bio-compatible hydrogel. This innovation is appreciable for its ability to swell and release water over time and also to be degradable by the soil’s microflora. Once decomposed, it releases the precursors elements of soil fertility (humus, clay and natural polymers).

The composition of our hydrogels make them particularly suitable as support of sowing and fertilisation. The controlled release of high functional biological substances allows a beneficial dispersion into the environment and agricultural soils.

Our products are compliant with sustainable agriculture and restoration ecology applications.


We believe that research is the base to transform our inspiration into creation. Thanks to a solid partnership with the University of Padova and the use of the latest agricultural technologies, Bios Hydrogel can propose innovative solutions able to positively impact our daily lives.

Our products and services


Innovative patented hydrogel developed to protect and sustain seeds during their life cycle.


Hydrogel developed to control the release of biodegradable and common fertilisers.


Hydrogel developed to retain 150 times more water than its weight.

Tailor made services

Our R&D team can develop hydrogels on specific request.


September 21, 2017

Bios Hydrogel’s patent

December 9, 2018

Luca Russo startup 2018’s award

The ASD Sport of Padova has established the Startup award named after Luca Russo for the best entrepreneurial ideas with innovative content, in the economic sector and Industrial, and which aspire to set up a business.

February 9, 2018

Cariparo foundation financed the Innogel project

Thanks to our patent the InnoGel project rose up in May 2018 (3-years) with the university of Padova. This project aims to develop multifunctional biodegradable hydrogels that protect, hydrate and help newly germinated seedlings to root, without the need for deep planting. This hydrogel contribute to the soil’s fertility in terms of nutrients and moisture in an eco-compatible way. It acts as a nutritive and protective coating for the seeds. Our products are currently under study at the university.

Oct 4, 2019

Start Cup Veneto 2019

BiosHydrogel wins the 3rd prize at the Start Cup Veneto 2019 and it will participate to the Italian finals.

About Us

We are an innovative startup based in Padova (Italy) that produces and delivers high-quality products that are beneficial to our customers and for environment. We believe in an innovative science able to enhance agricultural practices and sustainability.

The Team

Giacomo Guerrini


R&D manager and sales

Carlo Scarpa


Legal affairs manager

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phone: +39 3287732213

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